Yacht & Boat marine surveyor

Shea Marine are a specialist marine surveyor, with expertise in yacht survey, boat survey and other marine survey services for small craft marine vessels anywhere in Ireland. Each vessel is inspected by a professional marine surveyor to the standards set forth by the international institute of marine surveyors. 

Our service uses an easy survey report format which meets or exceeds the requirements of insurance companies and lending institutions. Please see our Contact details below to begin your yacht or boat survey process.

Marine Surveyor specialising in the following marine surveys

  • Pre-Purchase
  • Insurance Surveys 
  • Damage Surveys
  • Valuation Survey

 Pre-Purchase Survey 

This survey is normally but not exclusively required by the owner or prospective owner of the craft for the purpose of obtaining insurance, finance or as security for a loan, or indeed just for the owners use. The client’s requirements will be clearly discussed and agreed prior to accepting instructions to ascertain the exact purpose of the survey and the possible duty of care and to whom.

A Pre-Purchase survey is the most comprehensive survey we offer and is recommended to protect your investment when purchasing any yacht, motor cruiser, or power boat.  The pre-purchase survey will almost certainly be required by an insurance company and it follows that an insurance company may require an insurance valuation report, which can be carried out at the same time. 

 Insurance Survey 

An insurance survey may be required by insurers or underwriters upon the new ownership of a boat or yacht, or at periodic time periods, typically every 5 years. 

 Damage Survey 

A survey to determine the cause and extent of damage and formulate a repair plan. Further inspections during repair and a final inspection of repair work are sometimes requested.

• This marine survey is required if the craft has suffered any form of damage from whatever cause.
• A damage survey will be restricted to surveying and reporting on the extent and nature of the damage.
• It is possible that the surveyor may be asked to give an opinion or investigate the cause of the damage. This will not be given unless the marine surveyor is working under specific agreed instructions and that any opinions stated can be fully substantiated and supported by evidence that would stand in any possible litigation. 

 Valuation Inspection 

Valuations are often requested by the client to obtain insurance and/or finance or required by solicitors or financial institutions with regard to probate or other matters.
• The purpose of the valuations and so dictating the limits of the inspection should be clearly defined.
• The valuation document is a separate entity unless specifically agreed with the Client as an integral part of a full pre-purchase survey