Damage Assessment Survey

Damage Assessment Surveys are often necessary after accidental damage has occurred as a result of a collision or grounding. Unfortunately these are common events and regularly result in an insurance claim. It may be necessary to carry out a Damage Assessment Survey to satisfy an insurer as to the extent of the repairs required as well as costings. Shea Marine regularly carry out Damage Assessment Surveys following accidents involving leisure craft. A full report is provided for the insurance company and Shea Marine can also look after all dealings with the insurer on behalf of the boat owner if required.

Repair Management Services

Following a Damage Assessment Survey it may be preferable for the repair of the vessel to be managed by a third party. In this situation Pro Marine can act as an independent entity dealing with the vessel owner, boat yard/repairer and insurer to ensure that all repairs are carried out to a satisfactory standard.

A report documenting the repair work can then be prepared once all work has been completed. This report then forms part of the vessels documentation should it need to be referenced at a later date.    

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